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OpenText – Cloud App

Managing Content in the Cloud – Cloud App

Created by Jonathon Pitman as an employee for OpenText Corporation ©

OpenText CSO Tom Jenkins wrote the following in his blog entry:

“I’m excited to share with you the release of the free iPad application for my book Managing Content in the Cloud. The Cloud App brings the book to life (in true Web 3.0 form), offering an immersive and interactive experience of the book through an integrated presentation of content, video, audio, and widgets.”

Here’s a preview of the app:

“As a rich, digital extension of the book, the Cloud App presents an overview of the 16 chapters in the book in both text and video format. Navigation is intuitive and graphics-based, complete with a help guide—you can swipe your way through each chapter; play, expand or pause chapter videos; listen to compelling discussions around content in podcast format; and access “shelves” for additional resources and product information. And while the book features over 50 innovator stories, the app highlights a selection of these in video format, with people talking in detail about their content management issues and innovative solutions. Finally, there is full support for social media with the ability to share, comment on, and communicate with other app users directly in Facebook, and widgets for Twitter and blogs.

I invite you to experience the book and discover more about managing content in the cloud—and across the enterprise—by downloading the Cloud App for free on iTunes .

This app will soon be available on the Blackberry PlayBook and Android.

Coming soon… the full ebook version of Managing Content in the Cloud, also available on iTunes.

Click here to download the book in PDF, Kindle format, or hardcopy.”

Click Here to view Tom Jenkins’ Blog

Behind The Scenes

I thought it would be interesting for the viewers to see how some of the elements of this project were built.

App Commercial

The commercial was built in Adobe After Effects CS5

App Commercial Soundtrack

I created the music soundtrack for the commercial in Reason 5 using a midi controller and my iPad as a midi keyboard.

Front View of Reason component rack

Rear View of Reason component rack (I custom wired the rack to suit my needs)

Mapping of Kick Drum

Synthesizer Mapping

iTunes Approval

The app was approved on March 28, 2011 and is doing tremendously well.

Apple has chosen the app to appear in the #1 slot for New & Noteworthy Business Apps! Banner Module for Cloud App

Created by Jonathon Pitman as an employee for OpenText Corporation ©

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